Food - Shalom College


Feed Your Brain


Meals at Shalom are designed to be social and inclusive, restoring your energy on every level. With fresh seasonal ingredients and a constant focus on quality and health, our chefs explore wide-ranging traditions, flavours and combinations that encourage students to take the time to relax and rebalance.

  • Nineteen self-served weekly meals are provided throughout the academic year prepared by professional chefs in the College dining room. These include three meals a day during the weekday. On weekends and public holidays, brunch and dinner are provided. Takeaway lunches and late dinners are prepared in advance if you can’t be at college for meal times.
  • The menu varies weekly and all meals include vegetarian options. Feedback and recipe suggestions are warmly encouraged.
  • Weekday breakfast includes eggs, another hot option, a selection of cereals, yoghurt, fresh and dried fruit, breads and spreads. On the weekends residents can enjoy making their own eggs and pancakes as well as choosing from the selection of cold options. Every weekday we serve a hot lunch with protein and fresh salads as well as a salad bar. The dinner menu includes meat and vegetarian options, a variety of side dishes and dessert. Soup is available during the cooler months.
  • Our catering team accommodate residents who have special dietary requirements such as vegan, gluten free and lactose free. Strictly kosher food is available for kosher residents.
  • Outside of mealtimes tea, coffee, bread and spreads are readily available in the common room kitchenette. An array of snacks and drinks are available from a resident-managed vending machine.
  • Shalom is operated on Jewish values. Although the food is not kosher, it follows Jewish food guidelines which means that pork and shellfish are not served. The kitchen in the AEPi House within the College is a kosher kitchen.
  • Guests are welcome to join residents to dine at Shalom College. Meal vouchers must be pre-purchased from the office and presented to the chef. The single-serve prices are $8 for breakfast, $10 for lunch and $15 for dinner.
  • Each semester we invite pre-eminent guest speakers to our formal dinners. These compulsory evenings are a key element of our academic and collegiate program. Our catering team prepare a special three course meal served by waiters and our residents dress in their best.